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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Salad dressings to try

From Momma Weave:

salad dressing #1 ( made in a Good Seasons glass bottle that you can buy at the grocery; we transfer it to a plastic Kraft salad dressing bottle):

1. 1 pkt of Good Seasons Italian All Natural salad dressing mix--put in plastic bottle
2. water--fill Good Seasons glass bottle leaving 2" at top (disregard the markings on the bottle)
3. Heinz Apple Cider vinegar--top off the glass bottle with the vinegar; pour into the plastic bottle and shake
4. Crisco canola oil--add as much or as little oil as you want; shake before serving. Store in fridge.
the box says this mix pkt has 1 gm of carbs and 320 mg. of salt per serving

salad dressing #2 (this is what I have been eating):

1. drizzle Carapelli EVOO ( for salad dressing) over salad
2. sprinkle salad with Pompeian Gormet Red Wine Vinegar
3. sprinkle salad with McCormick California Style Garlic Pepper
no carbs and 105 mg. of salt per serving

I like the EVOO but when we used it for the first salad dressing, it didn't work being refridgerated.

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