We have decided to start a blog to share our recipes and to also keep them in a place we can easily access them. We hope you enjoy them and the little tid bits of our lives that we throw in. Most recipes will be based on primal principles although a few non-primal baked goods may slip in :)

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Life Decisions and More Lamb

Today we went to look at a house to rent, our apartment is not cutting it. With all the fun new things we got as wedding gifts and just our desire to have more space, it is time we start looking for something bigger (this will probably lead to me baking more since my new Kitchaide mixer will be able to be out on display!!). We are now trying to figure out just what we want out of a rental house.

After looking at the house we headed to the gym. A nice little self planned Crossfit.

Tuesday Workout

Pull ups (Adam) or cable pull downs (Angela) x 10
Thrusters x 10
Push ups x 10 or alternate push ups and sit ups (Angela)

Do 5 rotations


We had planned to have catfish and zucchini and squash. However upon opening the catfish, we may have left in the fridge for too long...whoops. So we pushed the lamb up a day and kept the squash and zucchini.

Lamb: State Fair lamb steak
Zucchini and Squash: locally grown. Sauteed in olive oil. Butter and salt and pepper added for last few minutes of sauteing.

We also got the new Primal Blueprint Quick & Easy Meals in the mail today. So be on the lookout for some yummy things!

A Walk in the Woods and Roasted Turkey and Mashed Parsnips

SO this is the first time I (Angela) get to post about our dinner :). My posts will probably be a little more wordy and give a run down on what else we have been doing with our lives.

Monday after work we decided to take a nice long walk since it was in the high 70's and a perfect evening for a walk. Not to mention walking is a great exercise and very primal :). We went to Blacklick Woods which is a Columbus Metro Park. Adam talked me into getting a pair of Merrell pace gloves. They are perfect for hiking and working out.

After our walk we headed home for dinner. We made roasted turkey breast with butter under the skin and herds (salt, pepper, rosemary...Angela's favorite spice) and mashed parsnips (see recipe below).

Mashed Parsnips

2 large parsnips
1 cup of broth
1 1/2 cups of water
1 1/4 cups of cream or whole milk
butter, salt, pepper, cinnamon and nutmeg to taste

Peel and cut up parsnips like you would a potato. Place in a large pot with water and broth. Boil until tender (about 15-20 minutes). Drain water, save some broth for mashing. Add cream, butter and broth. Mash. Mix in salt, pepper, cinnamon and nutmeg to taste. ENJOY!

Overall it was not a bad Monday :)

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Standard lunch

  • 2 Chicken thighs
  • Salad – spinach, red leaf romaine, veggies
  • Chicken – pieced or whole chicken cooked the night before or Sunday night. baked, seasoned.
  • Salad - see link below
Full fat plain Greek yogurt with blueberries and strawberries
Comments: Either this lunch or the big ass salad is pretty standard most days.

Standard breakfast

Food: Bacon and eggs
Drink: Juice today, but usually water
Prep: Easy. Eggs topped with Frog Ranch mild all natural salsa
Comments: No box cereal in this house



Drink: Red Wine


  • Bison – lightly coated with olive oil, seasoned with salt, pepper, thyme, rosemary and chipotle red flakes. Grilled to 145 degrees

  • Broccoli – steamed, served with butter

Desert: dark chocolate squares

Comments: Delicious! This was a special Sunday night treat.

Friday, August 12, 2011

BBQ Chicken and Green Beans


  • Bar-b-que Chicken breast w/skin & bone and back meat
  • Adam's green beans

Drink: Water


  • Chicken – lightly coated in olive oil, seasoned salt, pepper, rosemary, Grilled to 165 degrees

  • Green beans – sautéed white onion in bacon grease, fresh green beans cut and seasoned with salt and pepper. Cooked in covered skillet

Desert: 2 squares Lindt dark chocolate – 85% cocoa


Chicken took 30 minutes to bring to temp on grill. Skin burned.



  • Lamb shoulder – from Ohio State Fair animal purchased at Kroger
  • Asparagus

Drink: Red wine, water


  • Lamb – lightly coated in olive oil, salt, pepper, rosemary, thyme. Grilled to 145 degrees
  • Asparagus – boiled, butter at serving, salt to taste


  • Full fat plain Greek yogurt with blueberries

Comments: None