We have decided to start a blog to share our recipes and to also keep them in a place we can easily access them. We hope you enjoy them and the little tid bits of our lives that we throw in. Most recipes will be based on primal principles although a few non-primal baked goods may slip in :)

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Pineapple and Pork Fried Cauliflower Rice

We had a craving for a Chinese inspired dish this week and decided to mix things up and use pork this time.  I also love cooked pineapple so why not throw it in!  We modified a recipe in PB Quick and Easy for "Pork Fried Cauliflower Rice" for the ingredients we wanted.

I chopped up: mushrooms, red, yellow, and orange peppers from our lunch salad stash, cut up a fresh pineapple and added a can of diced water chestnuts.  Sauteed this mixture in a large skillet with coconut oil.

Next, I made up some cauliflower rice in the food processor and threw that in with the veggies once they were well on their way.  Right before I added the meat, I added 2 whisked eggs and stirred the mixture until the egg was cooked.

For the pork, I just sauteed the cut pieces of 2 chops in a skillet of bacon grease and Tamari (wheat free) soy sauce.  I added it all together and served it out! Delicious!!    

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