We have decided to start a blog to share our recipes and to also keep them in a place we can easily access them. We hope you enjoy them and the little tid bits of our lives that we throw in. Most recipes will be based on primal principles although a few non-primal baked goods may slip in :)

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Kabobs, Cookies and Rieley


We got to watch Rieley after work today :) It is always a fun time having her over. We played hide and seek, went to see the ducks and baked some cookies. Rieley is not a very good hide and seek player. You play and whoever is the seeker says "Is Rieley in here?" and she replies from her hiding spot "Nooooooooooooooo..." Haha. She is growing up to be such a bright little kid.

She also helped Angela make cookies. We think she found out just how delicious chocolate chip cookie dough is :)

After Nick came to take Rie home it was time for some pork kabobs! Once again they are very simple. We matched it with some yummy Ohio sweet corn.

Cube pork and cut onion and pepper into chunks. Stick onto skewers and rub some olive oil onto the kabobs so they do not stick to the grill and add salt and pepper.

Grill until pork is cooked and veggies are tender.


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